I have no Ruths in my life. I also am ruthless. These are incidental, I assume.

Some people call it being thorough, some cruel. While that’s a flimsy defense, my sophist nature does relish in it.

I find the idea of revenge is hard to sell. However, I also find the profit margin low and so have no real interest in selling it. I merely wish to convey my opinion in it.

Revenge is an interesting idea. Such a negative concept. Conjuring images of murder and blood feuds. This is not an accurate imagery for daily revenge. Daily Revenge I feel is different. The problem is, people associate revenge with an action. A thing that you do. I feel this is improper and frankly gives power to the offender as if they dictated your behavior. They don’t control you. But, this does not mean they shouldn’t learn from their behavior. I assure you, I am more than happy to show you the full extent of the consequences to your actions. I just don’t think it’s worth any effort to do so nor do I feel it’s my responsibility to teach anyone anything.

For example, I will not actively pursue any form of retribution upon you if you have harmed me knowingly. BUT, if you happen to wander in my crosshairs, I’m taking the shot. Period. I no longer consider your feelings as important. No further, but no less. And I don’t want you to know I’m doing it, but I am. The point is the arrogant idea I can teach you a lesson, not that you know it was from me. I actually want you to understand what you did, not that I want to hurt you. I just don’t mind that the second half is unavoidable usually.

To show you the damage you did, I will expose you to your own behavior. I do not seek this opportunity, but I am always aware of it.

You’d be surprised how quickly your friends will sell you out without realizing it.

Now you can know the pain. Saving it is important though. I will save it. I’m content with them selling you out to me for now. Just stay clear of the crosshairs. The idea that you hurt my trust and that I am now benefiting from that same issue I have created for you without your knowledge, is extremely sweet. The problem with “the Sword of Damocles” is that he knew it was there. I feel the quiet confidence of knowing the trap is set much sweeter than any form of petty active revenge. I just like being prepared. I realize both forms can be viewed as petty. Meh. I rationalize it by associating it more to the political strategy of brinksmanship. I’ll never hurt someone willingly who hasn’t gone to extreme lengths to deserve it. However, if you have gone that length, your own medicine has been ordered.

This is particularly hilarious for me because most of my arguments with people, are a result of a perceived breach or lack of trust. I am very perilous with whom I call friend. I say it understanding that it comes with a responsibility. A loyalty. If I call you friend, I mean something more than you do most likely. I called you friend and you betrayed my trust. I want you to know what it’s like to not trust your friends. Then maybe you’ll understand either the err of your ways or at least not fuck with me again.

You seem like an awful person! From this writing, yeah, I know. I almost never have anyone though that I feel deserves such treatment. It again, takes an extreme amount of damage for me to consider doing any of this. Normally, I’m content to just tell you off then and there and continue on. But some people like to push and push and my kindness NEEDS a limit. I’ll not allow myself to be taken advantage of and then have it flaunted. I have to defend myself at some point. Just know the point is very sharp.