30 things I’ve learned in 30 years

1 Working harder makes your life easier.

2 No good solution comes from without, only within.

3 Always Look up, not down, when you’re thinking. Never be ashamed of thinking.

4 Kindness is the easiest thing to give with the biggest rewards.

5 Never half-ass anything.

6 The only thing between you and anything you want is time. Have patience.

7 There are only two types of problems; those you can fix and those you can’t.

8 You’re better than that.

9 You’re not above this.

10 There are some things in this world you’ll never understand, doesn’t mean you can’t try.

11 The world is filled with talented men that amount to nothing.

12 Without desire there is no suffering. You are most likely the cause of your own anger.

13 Honesty isn’t the nicest policy but it is always the most efficient.

14 Comparing yourself to others limits you to living in their shadow.

15 Being smart is not an adjective but a choice you make every day to learn.

16 No one owes you anything.

17 Ordinary methods, ordinary results :Extraordinary methods extraordinary results.

18 Don’t worry how many people are doing something, just be cream: the cream always rises to the top

19 Pick your battles. If there’s nothing to gain, let it go.

20 There are people you love and those you hate but you can learn from all of them.

21 Confidence isn’t everything. but it’s most of it.

22 You can’t paint a pretty picture without using dark colors.

23 You can’t accept someone and judge their past. The picture’s the same regardless of the brush used.

24 Always be willing to change your mind.

25 The view is always better from the high road.

26 Being late is saying that your time is more valuable than others.

27 Success is savored sweetest by those who ne’er succeed.

28 There are 3 steps to criticism; let it in completely, think about it conditionally, then let it go

29 Keep your hands to yourself.

30 What you say is not what people hear. Speak to them not at them.